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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 29, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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responsible for the implementation of obamacare today stared down congress, she refused to reveal the number of americans enrolled in the program, and a day after admitting they did not tell the truth, the house today began a new campaign of blame. i am lou dobbs. >> good evening, the administrator of centers for medicaid and medicare services marilyn t tabiner stonewalled. refused to answer questions, and told lawmakers, they will have
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to wait until mid november for the answers, she would not direct leannly answer whether ss told to with hole the number of enrollees, she becamed had the of medicaid and medicare services in 2011, following donald's ber wick's resignation. he resigned amid heavy republican opposition to his recess appointment and controversy surrounding a statement he made 3 years before. mr. ar berwick speaking in londn in 2000 2000 said quote -- exct healthcare is by definition redistributional. today, m.s. tabner offered a
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feabile apology for the web site failures, and said, we have a system that is working, it is just not working at the success rate high want. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuelle on capitol hill with our report. >> reporter: 4 weeks after the role out of the obamacare web site, the administrator for cms said they should have done better. >> i want to apologize to you that the web site has not worked as well as it should, we know how desperately you need affordable coverage, i want to assure you that can and will be fixed. and we are working around the clock. >> reporter: republican lawmakers were tougher. >> we know that the affordable care act is the law of the land. we do. but we also understan from our constituents there is a disaster
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of a roll out that is occurring. not a hiccup about a disaster of a roll out. >> reporter: committee charm dave camp ask if administration would makes it internal project of enrolling 495,000 by october 1. >> we will not have those numbers available until mid november. >> do have you any idea of how many people have enrolled. >> in the process of enrolling in the state base exchanged and federal exchange we will have the numbers in mid november. >> reporter: new jersey democrat attempter flared after arkansas republican said that g.o.p. had offered alternatives to obamacare. >> are you serious, what you just said? are you -- really serious? after what we've gone through? we've gone through in the last 3 1/2 years. >> reporter: tomorrow health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is to blame the federal contractors, and said quote, cms has a track record of successfully over
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seeing many contractors our programs depend on function, unfortunately a subset for have not met expectations. expectations. >> expecting this secretary to be able to fix what she has not been able to fix, during let three and a half years is unrealistic, this is throwing good money after bad, it is time for her to resign, and someone else to take charge. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner said that the repair will require much more than a tech surge. >> it is time to delay this, it is time to fix this before it gets worse. >> reporter: they were saying initial enroll am number -- enroll am numbers will be small, lou. lou: thank you. mike emmanuelle. the white houseside searching long and hard for any excusic to blaine away the president's repeated claims that under
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obamacare. americans would be able to keep their insurance plan and their doctors. the administration settled today on pinning the blame on the insurance companies. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: white house aides s mounted an aggressive defense on why millions of people who buy their own insurance were told by president obama they could keep their plans suddenly cannot. >> we're talking about the 5%, who purchase insurance on the individual market. that market has been like the wild west. >> reporter: that 5% in the individual insurance market translates to 14 million people. the real question now about the wild west, is whether the president was fast and loose with the facts. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> reporter: the white house is now adding all kinds of contact and qualifier saying, what he
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meant is, anyone who had insurance before healthcare of signed into law in 2010 is grandfathered in, except on third anniversary of bill signing president put out a written statement using present tense, quote, if you like the plan you have, you can keep it, monday night, top white house advisory took to twitter to claim, nothing in obamacare forces people out of their healthy plans, no change is requires unless insurance companies change existing plans, liberal columnist responded in new york magazine that new law is the very reason insurance companies are now dropping people. and wrote the claim was absur absurdity adding a promise that was a over simplification at the time. feels like a lie. >> so, when you say nothing in obamacare caused that, that is not true. >> again, i am not going to
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challenge you know this in a sense that if that's the point, the fundamental point, which jonathan and others make there, that affordable carable creates a minimum standard for all insurance plans, of course, it does. >> reporter: this is leading republicans to declare the web site woes are just the tip of the iceberg. >> now we learn it is only if the white house likes your insurance. you can keep your insurance. >> reporter: and white house is pressing media to add caveat that the president left out years ago. >> do the president's words matter? >> again, all i ask, of fox and everyone else provide the context. >> he did not provide the contacts back then. >> there have been 5 years to debate about this. >> reporter: that debate continues with several republicans in house and senate pushing legislation to grandfather more people in white house officials take a dim view,
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suggesting it si it is impraccao wave more people in after the act. lou: thank you ed henry, investor drove a record shferd performance on wall street, closing at new record highs, nazdaq up 13, morgan manousos chase, tentative $ -- jpmorgan chase tentative settlement at risk of collapsining. and sac capital reportedly to plead guilty to security fraud that deal, that is expected by next week, includes more than a billion dollars in penalties, we're coming right back. stay with us. >> president obama has become more than a lame duck. he is in trouble, whether in foreign col se policy or domest,
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>> senator jeff sessions today announcing that the department of health and human services quietly dropped a no-bid contract that would have promoted obamacare to prisoners, this condition cancellation aftr sessions asked hhs why they chose to create a special program for prisoners when they spent certain million on -- $ 70s million on so-called obama navigators for everyone. they pointed to a community add vo cassie organization, based in chicago, it appears daylight, is
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still an ant septic for all sorts of things. >> first obama administration toivonennintestify, before a hoe committee apologized, then maintained sim is working. -- system is working. the head. the centers for medicare and medicaid services construct what is the very least an alternative universe. >> we have a system that is working, we'll improve the speed of that system. >> excuse me. -- >> yes. >> you are saying the system right now is working? >> i'm saying it is working, it is just not working at the speed we want and the success rate wement. those are the things we're working on. lou: congressman trey goudie, member of house oversight, he chairs the subcommittee, great to have you with us. let's start with we may
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obamacare. this president lied, his administration lied, and persisted over a period of more than 3 years, in maintaining the fiction that people could keep their insurance plans. if they chose. your reaction? >> well, i heard from my fellow citizens but there were a lot of voices warning. it was not true or a lie, or whatever you want to use. your premiums will be higher, and coverage is going to be worse. you would think at a certain point, politics aside, that people would get tired of being lied to by people in position of power, wherever it is the congress or president, but we had an election a couple years ago, because in part he perpetrated this myth. he was reelected. lou: and speaking of this
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administration responding, in peculiar ways, the administrators at centers for medicare and medicaid service telling congress and the u.s. to go to hell today, not responding to how many people have been enrolled under health, we have no idea, because this administration has ordered this president has ordered agency heads and divisions of those agencies and departments to stonewall the congress of the united states. >> yeah, lou, amazing coming from someone who promised to be the most transparent administration, you have "fast and furious," and benghazi, and the nsa, and internal revenue service and now obamacare. committees of congress and equal branch of government, that has a constitutional responsibility to provide oversight cannot get what ought to be available, which is how many people have
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enrolled. lou: absolutely, conforming to the administration's method of operation. it is clear whether any one of the scandals you mentioned and others this administration chooses silence, choosing to stonewall. and will not respond to either congress or the american people, only now, in the last i would say 48 hours, congressman, we're seeing elements of national liberal media, actually break ranks with the president, and an administration with which they have glen nohave been not complt bucomplicit over the course in his years in office. >> i think that the infatting a itinginfattationis slowly wearie are going to be hurt by this law, there were voices that warned of this in 2010, and consistent since then, poll sykes aside -- politics aside,
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when it comes to getting a job or hours cut or told you can keep your doctor or your coverage, and you find out that is not true, i hurt for my fellow americans, you can take the approach, and say that is what you voted for, that is what you get, i hate it when people are misled, and they bear the consequences, and this executive branch that we're talking about, they are not covered by obamacare, they don't have to go to the web site, and spend 2 or 3 weeks trying to log on. lou: more the staffs and member of congress, you all will be fully taken care of, i know you didn't mean to overlook that. >> i only overlook it, because i don't get my health insurance through of th government. i get differently burke you right -- but you are right, back to that for a second that was the final thing we asked the president during shut down, we'll restart government, you gist make all of -- you make all
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of us play by the same sit of rules. >> the republicans have an opportunity there to see the moral high ground, all of the republican caucus had to do is say, that you would not accept your health care subsidies for obamacare. and i think that would have been a remarkable gesture, also. >> i do too. lou: also the demonstration in washington, d.c. on immigration. lobbyists showing up. folks from microsoft, and zuckerberg's operation, to demand amnesty, where are we headed with this? >> well if their demand is amnesty they will be disappointed. we will be back to where we were before the fiscal issues knocked it off the map, i with
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chairman, we are going to have hearings, and the house will pursue a step-by-step, not comprehensive, not throw everything in, not hide stuff, in a big bill, a step bicep stestep-by-stepprocess with wher can say this is about agricultural, and enforcement about the border, we'll pass it out of the republican conference, because the democrats are not going to lift a thinger to helpous house bills they keep thinking that senate bill is coming to the house floor, that is not going to happen, republicans will say what they believe in, we'll see whether we have 218 votes. >> congressman troy goudie good to talk with you. >> thank you. lou: up next, president claims no knowledge of spying on foreign leaders, but members of the intelligence community, say, they think he did know. colonel ralph peters, leads us
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lou: top up tillgence officials testifying on nsa surveillance. top spy, james clapper said it
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should be no surprise to the president and his national security staff that the intelligence community is spying on foreign leaders. >> is this something new and different that the intelligence committee might try to target foreign leaders to determine the best policy for the u.s. of america. >> it is one of the first things i learned in intel school in 1963, this is the fundamental given, in intel business. lou: joining us now, fox news strategy i think analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters, thank you for joining us, it is shocking really to hear the president and his administration deny they knew about this. he is the man in charge. >> he is, and look, lou, let me set it straight at beginning. there is zero possibility, zero, that the president did not know about the nsa program, to target foreign leaders, friendly and not so friendly, he would have
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been briefed in the nsa's capabilities in the first days of his first administration, over the years, he would have seen intelligence that couome ft leaders' phone calls and other communications. so, the white house or president himself to pretend he knew nothing, well this does fit the obama pattern, but that is a presidential lie. lou: and european leaders are having a little fit. but then we learn that many cases we're talking about intelligence delivered by foreign governments to the nsa to the intelligence community, what are we to take of that? is there a certain amount of innocen--in. >> it is pure hypocrisy, the europeans spy on us through the
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maximum extreme they can do so, one thing, for instance the french, long time now they have been big in industrial espionage, they want to get boeing, that is just one example. people ask why would you want to listen to a friendly leader like the president of france? it is like being on a football team, if is not enough to just study the other team, you have to know the string and weaknesses of people on your team, and by the way they are not always on your team, international diplomacy, it may be dressed in a frock coat, it is a blood sport. lou: and it is common every day practice. and has been for years, it should -- the national media again is playing this as if they were unaware of the party up stairs. this is to me a silly another silly episode for the national
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liberal media. the "new york times," today, writing, quote, the white house response on monday to disclosure of morning spies on foreign leaders, and governments, and citizens was a pathetic mix of unsatisfying assur assurances of reviews on the way, and odd defense that president did not know that american spies and taps the germa german collapsell -- chancellor cell phone for 10 years. >> it has been happening for a while. in old testament, zor joshua. espionage goes back to the cave
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man, but cracking code, and reading the other guy a mail is old practice. and you have to do it. because it is not just about the guys with the guns, i would like to see more respect, for the people that in the shadows who keep us saver day -- saver day, and the programs, which by the way the press has misrepresented, they are about keeping us safe, not on some poor slog who dials up for phone sex. lou: this is the same crowd, had there been a disruption of any kind, an event, would have been the ones clamoring, and accusing the agents of being derelict and not taking every possible step to protect america and the americans, ralph peters thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: we'll have more on the nsa spying, with the a-team. that is coming up next, stay with us. >> turning on obama.
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lou: you know, the obamacare meltdown is bad. it is worse when the president's friends in the national liberal media began to abandon them. just take a look at some of today's op-eds and their titles from the washington post for crying out loud. resurrecting a lot of rich post history with the question, what did president obama know and when did he know it. that is -- from the post eugene robinson. the out of control and then sell questioning the president's
10:32 pm
spying denial writing, either someone is lying or abominates technology nsa in its quest for insouciance, and anything that could have been imagined is simply of control. and from los angeles times, obama is big line. obama's big live from the l.a. times? according to the president's promises that if you like your doctor and health plan, you can keep them, specific about which lie here. the "wall street journal". the unbearable lightness of a fine not have the president did not know the answer was buying on or leaders. he somehow has found time, the "wall street journal" points out, for a least 146 rounds of golf. and the new york times, as i just mentioned, the white house on spying, not a very descriptive title, the intro goes on to say americans buying
10:33 pm
a bork to the foreign leaders, governments and millions of citizens, apathetic. this is the new york times. but that it makes of on satisfying assurances about reviews, on their way, platitudes about the need for security in an insecure aged and the on defense that the president just did not know. well, joining me now, the "a-team", author, radio talk-show host of fox news contributor, fox news legal analyst and chris courtliness, democratic strategist, former chief of staff. well, let's start out with -- i will turn to you first. the president has a few friends left in the media. this is no way to sugar coat this. >> well, if you are talking about obamacare.
10:34 pm
>> a want to be specific in my answer. the president might have turned a caveat and to avert. the fact is we're talking with the president saying he can keep your plan to keep your doctor. turns out that they knew as early as march of 2010 that that just was not true and kept repeating and repeating what is, for any other oracle, live. don't you think? >> here is what i think the problem is. this has happened in countless administrations, both democrat and republican. lou: of george bush thing here? >> no, just to be honest. my point is -- lou: let's be honest and forthright and quick. >> my point is what ends up happening is we get in a position where you think the initial conclusions right. clearly if you had evidence and information to the contrary, or at the end of the day when the stuff comes out you are seeing
10:35 pm
what happens. lou: i have to give you credit. after touring quickly to our lawyer. what the heck did he to say? >> your initial conclusion is faulty, you don't then go out and report it again and again. i'm sorry. you just don't do that from a legal standpoint. it's wrong in a trial lawyer in his right mind would do that. >> i'm not going to sit there and make excuses. lou: did he lighted the not? it is a descriptive term, isn't it? >> here is what i think. i think what they end up doing here is not being fully there with all the facts. [laughter] lou: i'll give you credit, if i may, for declaring the obvious and resisting the necessary. >> words like chris just used a misleading and misguided, they are all euphemisms for what we know is a clear light. there was a report today that showed that three days before president obama signed obamacare
10:36 pm
into law this cbo alerted him and his white house that over 8 million people would be losing their insurance. they knew before it was even signed a law that this was -- lou: we're going to try this again. testifying today saying that she could not reveal the number is on the members of enrollees in obamacare and each time teeseven i'm going to say it again. i think it's a lie. i think she knows the numbers in the question that she resisted which is to the order you not to divulge the numbers, she lied again. technically you have been partisan, whenever you want, not you personally, but the fact is she sat there and just blew a lab raspberry at the congress of the united states. yes or no? >> i mean, i don't know what she
10:37 pm
knows, what she -- whether she has been run the numbers are not. she does in they have at intermission they should release that. women make an excuse. the american people have a report and to know exactly whato this issue. i can't tell you whether they do not. at some point that information will come out. with the administration, no matter who it is, does not sometimes grasping is it is worse if it comes up not on your terms. if you sit there and think you can control everything, that is one thing. the end of the day the truth will come out. >> if she knows the numbers should have said it. if she doesn't know the number she is, frankly, incompetence. lou: just giving you a great choice. >> take one of the other. a or b. >> i was shoes, i guess, i don't know, at sea. i am not sure. at the end of the day, i suppose
10:38 pm
to make excuses for what clearly i don't agree with. and not going to. at the same time you have to be a little bit -- i don't want to say cognizant, but consider the fact that they may not know. if they don't i don't -- i find that unbelievable and perplexing. >> you mentioned the media that has protected president obama. am sure the white house's stand by these headlines. the big question is why is the president not breaking a sweat about any of this? the reason is this is all by design. the collapse was by design to get as the single payer. lou: one question we don't have to ask is why did the president and this administration insist on delaying the onset of obamacare until after the election. can you imagine these headlines? thank you for being with us. thank you so much for being with us.
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taken in a tent check us out on twitter please. guitar facebook page. up next, well funded lobbyists letting capitol hill pushed republican lawmakers for amnesty. but amnesty could be, well, problematic for the republican party as an it might well destroy it. he will straighten us out on these issues here next. it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with ss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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lou: indian outsourcing giant agreed to pay the federal government $34 million to settle charges of systemic visa fraud and abuse. that is the largest immigration fine in history. emphasis, a significant number of its 30,000 u.s.-based workers and easy to obtain visitor visas rather than work visas such as
10:43 pm
h1 be visas. and they paid the price. our next guest, one of hundreds in washington at an event titled americans for reform, immigration reform for our economy, faith, and security. he argues i would be good for republicans to get the immigration issue behind him. joining us now, a former congressional budget office director, president of the american action forum. great to have you with us. you guys picked a heck of a day for your event. >> nothing else going on. lou: nothing at all. why the likes of zucker burger, microsoft, the u.s. chamber, the national association of manufacturers getting together to push for amnesty? >> well, i think the word amnesty trivializes the complexity. 79 percent of self identified tea party voters in the republican primaries favor an errant pass the legal status.
10:44 pm
paying fines, back taxes, learning english. there must be a lot of policy options between that which is favored by the conservatives and your amnesty. and the base is broader yet, not just about legal status but the things that i care deeply about, pro-growth policies, having an economy that performs a 20th-century standards in the 21st century which is why you saw some of those people there. we have temporary worker problems, core visa system that is not about growth, and we should fix that. lou: i agree that we should fix immigration, have highly selective expanded work visas into this country bringing in of the brightest, most educated and skilled people that we possibly could. give me an argument on we have 23 million people unemployed, underemployed in this country and they have been chronically slow and too many cases, an arment for 12 million illegal immigrants to do not meet the test of either higher skills or
10:45 pm
education. >> so two points. the first is the market will determine the test of what skills are valued. a lot of college graduates are unemployed, but we need welders, skilled traders. that is a more subtle issue and i think people appreciate. the core point is we need to fix the immigration system as a matter a permanent, fundamental reform. lou: let's go to the economics. it will continue the mantra we need to fix it and we all agree. signing on with the house program, the incremental approach, you and i can sit here and reach agreement tonight. as supportive 120%. you have the opportunity, your colleagues have their virginity. why not supported? >> i don't think there is a lack of support. the outcome. >> of course. of the people who were there also supported it. helping to make sure that the process had a priority.
10:46 pm
obviously like to see them work on a first. the house and allow the priorities. >> overtaxing my limited to pack -- capacity. lou: why not simply say, we are behind you 100 percent. why are you demonstrating? the chairman has already said they're moving forward with hearings, regular order and we will move forward. lou: two different things in the process by which you get to the reform and then there is the policy content of the reform. think it is fair game to weigh in on in my case in more pro-growth aspect and make sure it is in there. it was not a protest some much as we had an hour-long discussion of the economics of immigration reform. lou: i am confused. a guy like grover norquist,
10:47 pm
americans for tax reform, i have not heard him talk and immigration for years. of the sydney is clamoring. i get sort of suspicious when billionaires' start marching have been trying to push policy. i really do. and there are a handful out front on this deal. no one is talking about the impact on the american middle-class, the economic condition of this country. no one is talking about the millions of americans is still not getting a square deal or being able to seize opportunities command we have all you big shots out there talking about illegal immigration amnesty. >> i would like to see my billion dollars. lou: i was not referring to you. some others and the establishment of the republican party, you know, you are doing the lord's work. lou: you just gave one of the most important speeches about immigration reform. it is about having an economy that performs in the 21st
10:48 pm
century like we had that 20th-century where we saw robust economic growth, the middle class have a chance to get ahead , we saw the kinds of skills that were valued in the market rewarded with our reses and with jobs. we're not seeing that right now. lou: i just did a story -- >> fundamental reforms to stop this economy. we have to stop buying the mickey mouse games, deal with tax reform, and tom reform, peroration reform, and some reform, those are core issues command we can perform the with a middle-class reserves again. lou: a couple of things, if i may, as we wrap up. you know, the reality is it has been seven years since amnesty began. it was rebuffed and rejected them. again, the same game is being played, trying to ram it through frankly, in the shadows, not out in the clear light of regular order to be that is the difference and that is what is freaking antiestablishment, chamber of commerce, national
10:49 pm
association of manufacturers, the people and well-meaning people, but the fact is this is not going to be a shortcut. if it is it is the end of the republican party. if it is it is going to create more and jiddah that weekend prompted by possibly stand in addition to what we are experiencing in this country. i have to take the last word on this. collateral. >> the administration actions on the part of the president. we need legislative action. the voters said that very clearly. lou: cheapest inside dead viejo and embrace the house. >> it is the path toward. good to have you with us. it. lou: up next, years after the assassination of president john f. kennedy, the warren commission could never have found the unequivocal truth.
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♪ lou: we have limited time, so i want to say at the outset, i love this book. it is a terrific read, shocking new book shedding light on the investigation into president john f. kennedy's assassination 50 years later. you're probably thinking what i was thinking as i picked this book up, what could possibly be new. you are going to find all sorts of wonderful new elements in that story right here, a story well told. joining us now, former new york times correspondent, best-selling author. good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: the book, a cruel and shocking act. the secret history of the kennedy assassination. i love the reason you took this
10:54 pm
up. tell the audience about the reason that you decided to do this. >> well, in 2008 and was at my desk at the new york times and washington. the phone rings, and it is a very prominent american lawyer who said he had a story to tell. i had just published a book about the september 11 commission if peabody said kamal relative a similar book about the warren commission because he had begun his career almost 50 years earlier. he said it was the best detective story you have never heard, and of violent. lou: and off you go with this story. touching upon the fact that lee harvey oswald was many things, but among the things that he was was under surveillance. touching upon the reality that there are a lot of questions about mexico and here. one of the things that other writers had touched upon, but yo expred theliohip th cubans and the soviets
10:55 pm
and this city that was mexico so long ago. fascinating. and who dated? [laughter] >> i think probably lee harvey oswald did, that is on the way the questions began. tens out about the cia and fbi had him under surveillance at a time that he was in touch with a lot of people who wanted john f. kennedy dead. the questions about what those people may have told him and encouraged him to do have never been answered. lou: and why has it been so difficult to get this story out? you refer to the mountain of material that is their the lightly, likely will never be completely killed and understood perhaps over maybe. why has there been such a grip on much of that material? >> for many years i think the
10:56 pm
fbi and cia just did not want anybody to get to the bottom of what they had really known about oswald because at the end of the day in new a lot about oslo before the assassination, including that he was having very unusual meetings in mexico city with people who may have wanted to see president kennedy did . it would reveal how much they had known. lou: the conclusion of the book. as you go about this great story to my have the feeling you will be writing another one on this. are you? >> i would like to move onto a different subject. after five years. lou: with this volume. beckett this volume. it is tremendous. it is such a great story. the recommended to you. the book is a cruel and shocking act taken from the warren commission report. you can find it in bookstores, online, well, amazon has a loyal
10:57 pm
and all of this. the appeal of failure cells of it. it is worth your time. it is worth your time. thank you for being with us. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises.
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neil: remember all of these guys slapping each other on the back for a job well done with superstorm sandy? one year later. thousands still helpless and many clueless. and now many think we are containing the calamity that the containment might have triggered it. meet the guy who's suing the power company that that destroyed his home. and superstorm sandy rocketed the numbers of chris christie. republican senator olympia snowe says that


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